Six Gorgeous Ways To Style A V Part Wig

Six Gorgeous Ways To Style A V Part Wig

1. V Part Wig With Headband

As we all know, a v part wig is actually a half wig. It means you can wear a V part wig just like a headband wig. First of all, you can braid your natural hair or make it into cornrows and then put on a wig cap to protect your natural hair under the wig. Then put the V part wig on your head with clips to cover the tracks so that it will look more natural. In the end, you can pick up one of your favorite headbands to put on your head. By doing this, it is possible that no one knows it is a v part wig.

More importantly, there are a large number of headbands for you to choose from, such as turban headband, knotted headband, scrunchie headband, padded headband, cloth headband, and so on. Try different styles of headbands, show your unique style.

For example, a classic bow headband not only can give you a younger look but can also add a bit more sweetness to the look. While a braided headband with bright colors or patterns will bring a more laid-back look and suit for vacation. For a boho look, a turban headband is surely a great alternative!

2. Side Part And Cornrows

For this cute style, you can wear your V part wig with leave out like normal. Don’t forget to grab some hair from the human hair V part wig. The next step is to mix some hair of the V part wig and your natural hair and then braid it as neat as possible.

3. Two Plaits

Plaits are also called braids and are very practical and stylish. And plaits can fit almost any occasion or season. In addition, whether your hair is long, short, or medium length, you can rock this style.

Firstly, you can wear a V part wig with leave out and let it stay in the middle. Once your V part wig is on, you are going to create two plots in front of your hair and make sure one of them is on the left and one of that is on the right. Next, let them hang down and make two braids. Of course, you can add some cute accessories to make them stand out.

4. Mini Buns

If you wish to bring some edge to your hairdo, these mini buns are perfect for you. Just need to create two bunks or bouncy nuts at the base of two plaits. Keep in mind that use some clips to secure the two mini buns on your head. It is so quick and simple to do and it is so cute.

There is a tutorial about the above four different styles to style a curly V part wig. If you are interested in these hairstyles, you can watch the following video as a reference.

5. Voluminous Curls

Voluminous curls are a staple hairstyle because they’re fit for any occasion and simply never go out of style. To get in on this timeless look, you can use a barrel curling iron part by part to create gorgeous, voluminous curls for yourself. Now follow the video to finish your desired hair look. In this video, the YouTube influencer also teaches how to blend your thin 4C natural hair with a V part kinky straight wig seamlessly.

6. Hlaf Up Half Down

The half up half down hairstyle is a rare and welcome look. Best of all, it’s the perfect style for day-to-night dressing, so you can hop from grocery shopping to a dinner party without taking a shower or reaching for a brush. Not to mention headband can create the perfect boho-chic look when combined with voluminous curls, as a stunning accent to any hairstyle. What elegant and playful it is!

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