Can Lace Front Wigs Be Taken Off Every Day?

Can Lace Front Wigs Be Taken Off Every Day?

Can Lace Front Wigs Be Taken Off every day?

Yes,lace front wigs can be taken off every day. By taking your wig off at night, you can minimize the wear and tear caused by your daily activities and extend its lifespan. Besides, you can look after your natural hair under the wig and allow your scalp and natural hair to breathe. Of course, many people have different opinions. For instance, some people choose to take their wig off each night, whereas others prefer to take their wig off every few days.

Then let us look at the pros and cons of removing off your wig at night.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Taking Off Your Wig At Night?

In fact, many experts suggested that the best way to maintain both your lace front wig and your natural hair is to remove your lace front wig daily. That is because of multiple reasons, most of which relate almost directly to maintaining the health of your natural hair and scalp.

1. It will make your wig last longer.

By removing your wig every night before going to bed, you can prevent many frictions from your wig between your head and pillow, thus avoiding your wig from getting dry and tangled.

2. It can protect your natural hair.

Just like your scalp, your natural hair needs space to free breathe as well. While keeping your lace front wig on for long periods can be extremely damaging to your natural hair and could result in a few bad side effects. For example, breakage, receding hairline, bald spot, and so on.

Therefore, if you plan to remove your lace front wig every night, you have the access to clean and conditioner your natural hair, thus keeping your natural hair healthy and promoting the growth of your natural hair.

After all, in order to keep your natural hair and scalp healthy under your wig, you need to ensure that you wash, deep-condition, and moisturize your hair and scalp at least 2-3 times a week. For instance, it would be better to apply coconut oil or olive oil to your scalp about for 2 drops and then massage your scalp to increase blood flow for healthy hair.

3. It is too uncomfortable to sleep with a wig.

For someone who is not used to having something secured to their head, sleeping in a lace front wig will be extremely uncomfortable, especially if they are light sleepers.


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