Common Wig Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Common Wig Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

1. Buying A Wrong Size Wig 

As we all know, wearing a wig that doesn't fit does not only look unflattering, it can cause discomfort. For instance, if you need a large size wig, but opt for an average or even a petite one, you will feel tight and probably have a headache. While, if you are petite-sized and buy an average-sized wig, your wig won’t be secure steady and could slip around!

Therefore, wigs should always fit just right and snug enough that wearers feel secure without causing pain or discomfort. 

2. Opting For The Improper Hair Density

Getting the hair density right can be trial and error, especially if you’re buying a wig online. Although everyone’s density preference is different, a too-thick wig can look very unnatural and a too-thin wig just won’t look right.

3. Not Attaching It Correctly 

One worry every wig wearer has probably come across is how to attach their wigs without any damage. After all, incorrectly attaching a wig can cause a mountain of wig issues, such as fearing the wig fall off in public, being afraid of causing some damage to your natural hair and your skin.

4. Using Too Much Glue

Even though wig glue or adhesive is a popular way to attach wigs, particularly full lace wigs and lace frontal wigs, it may cause damage to your skin and hair, it can also damage your wigs.

5. Not Applying Or Removing Wig Glue Correctly

There is no doubt that not applying and not removing it correctly will all create a wealth of problems. For example, it can damage your skin, hairline, and delicate lace wigs.


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