How to distinguish Different Lace Wig Cap?

How to distinguish Different Lace Wig Cap?

If you want to get a satisfied lace wig ,  It is Important to know the different betweew  lace cap.Follow me , Let me show the different to you .

  1. Full Lace Wig Cap :

  2. Lace Front Wig  Cap:
  3. Glueless Full lace Wig :

    Now , you have know the lace cap different , which wig you like : Full lace wig ? Lace front wig  gluless full lace wig  ?


    There are over 10000 pieces lace wig are in stock .


    Stock Full lace wig without adjustment strap / combs/ clip on it , if you need add. Please tell me , we will add for you .


    Stock Lace Front wig with adjustment adjustment strap on it .


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