Loose Wave VS Body Wave, Which Hair Do You Choose?

Loose Wave VS Body Wave, Which Hair Do You Choose?

The Features Of Hair Body Wave 

1. 100% human hair that’s directly cut from the same donor’s head the original cuticle, collected by facing the same direction;

2. No any chemicals or synthetic;

3. Silky, smooth, soft, and thick;

4. Tangle-free, no shedding, no smell;

5. Can protect your natural hair from heat damage;

6. Doesn't require too much maintenance;

7. Affordable, highly versatile, and fits any face shape;

8. Can last at least six months with proper care;

In fact, whether it’s long body wave hair or Brazilian hair loose wave, it’s the best virgin human hair product. It will make you look good, no matter what hairstyle you choose. In order to help you make the best decision.

The Features Of Loose Wave Hair

1. If you want to look for a bouncy, thicker, and fuller hair look, nothing is better than Peruvian loose wave hair;

2. If you tend to have a versatile hairstyle, why not consider purchasing some Brazilian loose wave hair bundles?

3. If you are a straight hair lover and still want to have a different try, then Indian body wave will be your best choice. Once you are tired of wave hair, it can be easily straightened.

4. If you don’t have enough time to style your hair in the morning, the loose wave virgin hair is best for you.

The only way to know whether loose wave or body wave is right for you is by trying it. At UNice, there are all kinds of body wave and loose wave hair products in any color and length. Have a try, you will achieve your dream hair look.

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