What Do You Do If Your Wig Is Too Small?

What Do You Do If Your Wig Is Too Small?

How To Tell If Your Wig Is Too Tight

Wigs generally come in three standard sizes: petite, average and large. No matter which size category you fit into, your wig should not pop off, look unnatural, or cause you discomfort. There are some signs that mean your wig is too tight.

1. If your wig is pulling on your natural hair or on your skin too tight and squeezing the skin at your temples and even are easily pop off, there is no doubt that the wig is too tight! On the contrary, you should be able to conduct very natural movements with a proper wig such as shaking your head and leaning backward without your wig popping off or riding up.

2. If your wig rides up or slips back on your head, revealing a natural hairline or scalp, it is likely that your wig is too small.

3. If you have a lace front wig and it does not lay flat against your head but instead rolls under, you will know it is too small.

4. If you have a monofilament top wig, and it does not lay flay and sticks up on the top of your head, forming a cone shape, it is clear that it is also too small.

Next, let us learn how to make a wig bigger together. 

What You Will Need:

A pair of scissors;

An elastic band(you get from any beauty supply store or Amazon);

Thread and needles;

Some clip or pins;

Step One

First of all, you can put the lace wig on comfortably and use an elastic band to measure how much extra room you will need. Then use a pair of scissors to cut off the elastic band according to your need.

Step Two

Take off the lace front wig and flip the wig completely inside out. Focus your attention on the base of your wig where there should be elastic bands.

Step Three

Put the elastic band that is on the wig as far out as you can and then use a clip or pin to secure it and be sure that it doesn’t snap back on your head. Once the elastic band is set, you can cut the ending hook piece off. Don’t forget to be sure to leave a little room and not cut too close to the hook since you need the piece to be usable. Once your cutting is done, it is time to create those extensions for a wider cap.

Step Four

Make sure that your extra elastic band piece matches the thickness of the elastic band on the wig.

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