How To Finesse Fake Scalp Wig

How To Finesse Fake Scalp Wig

Wigs as we can all agree is the holy grail for lots of women. From the year that wigs were introduced till the present time, they’ve undergone different stages of improvement. Since wigs are the best alternative to making your natural hair, they’ve got to look as flawless and beautiful as possible.

The days of feeling hot and uncomfortable because of wig caps are over. Ulashwig 4-in-1 Fake Scalp Wigs come with premade invisible scalps that allow the wig to sit well on your head without a wig cap. Ulashwig Fake Scalp Wig allows you to choose out of three different laces just to make sure that it blends with your skin. They’ve got Cappuccino, Mocha, and Honey so your selection should be based on what suits your skin tone.

We also have to appreciate the clean bleached hairline which makes installing your wig a whole lot easier. When you’ve got a clean bleached hairline, you easily achieve that natural and flawless look you desire.

Ulashwig Fake Scalp Wigs also come with pre-plucked hairline which is well appreciated (are we in wig haven or something?). This is an amazing and uncommon feature for wigs to have. Plucking generally makes sure that stray hairs don’t shoot out awkwardly when installed.

Another important feature added to the Ulashwig Fake Scalp Wig is the hair cap band. You want your wig to seem like your natural hair; adjusting and trying to put it back in position doesn’t help. The hair cap elastic band secures the wig to your head making sure that it doesn’t change position.

All these amazing features combined with the quality hair Ulashwig produces, you got to love them.

What You Can Do To Finesse Your Fake Scalp Wig

It’s one thing to get a gorgeous fake scalp wig and it’s another to know how to finesse it. Keep reading as we show you step by step how you can make your wig look its best.

Use Contour Powder To Hide The Shinning Of The Glue:We assume you’ve cornrowed your natural hair and installed your fake scalp wig. An issue many people face is the shiny effect that hair glue leaves on your edges. This makes your edges look messy and unnatural which is what we certainly want to avoid. On the bright side, there’s a way to avoid this. 

What To Do

  • Tie your fake scalp wig back to keep it out of your face.
  • Use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or acetone to clean the excess glue around your edges. This helps to remove excess glue before proceeding.
  • With a flat face brush, get some of your contour powder and then dust off the excess.
  • Apply it all over your edges until you can no longer see the shine from the glue.
  • Use Concealer To Blend In Part Line:With the difference of skin tones, you’d find that getting the perfect lace suitable for your skin might be difficult. This difference in skin tone can make your wig not look as natural as you want. The difference in skin tone is more obvious in the part line so, using your concealer that is the right shade does the trick. Let’s show you how you can fix this. 

What To Do

  • Tie your fake scalp wig in such a way that you can see the parting in your wig.
  • Make use of a small eyeshadow brush and take out a reasonable amount of concealer.
  • Apply it directly on the parting by dabbing the brush lightly because you don’t want to stain your wig.

Watch as the part line begins to blend in with your skin tone.

What To Do

  • Use a hairbrush on your fake scalp wig (Denman rush if available) and make sure that there are no tangles.
  • Take out ulashwigFlyaway Finishing Stick and start from the part line of your hair.
  • Use it in a downward motion whilst dipping the stick for more smoothening cream.
  • Use a mirror to work so that you can avoid using your hands to touch your hair.

Ulashwig goes all out in producing admirable fake scalp wigs to make you look and feel good. Ladies want to look beautiful effortlessly; with these tips on finessing your fake scalp wig, it’s very attainable.

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