Natural Hairline Wigs - Four Key Things Every Wig Lover Should Know

Natural Hairline Wigs - Four Key Things Every Wig Lover Should Know

As our beautiful Black women and wig lovers know, if you want a great wig, you’re going to need a natural hairline wig.

It needs to be almost undetectable unless they’re up in your face staring at your scalp.

So, what makes a wig look natural?

Let’s take a look at the 4 key aspects of making a natural hairline wig and how you can get yours now.

The four key things that make a wig hairline look natural

We’re focusing on the hairline because that’s the key to a natural-looking wig.

You can have the best virgin hair there is. But if the hairline isn't high quality, that wig will not look anywhere as natural as you’d like.

So, let’s break down the 4 key elements of natural hairline wigs.

1.The Wig Lace

There are different types and quality of wig lace. The kind used determines how natural your hairline and scalp area look.

Now the holy grail of wig lace is the HD Swiss lace. This lace is soft, flexible, and provides the most natural appearance of all the lace types. Naturally, it’ll cost a bit more, but it’s definitely worth it if you want your wig to look just right.

(You need to make sure you’re not getting the fake HD lace which doesn’t blend and melt down as nicely into the skin as a true HD Swiss lace.)

2.A Fake Scalp

The second aspect of decent natural hairline wigs is the scalp.

With the traditional method of wearing a wig, you’d need to braid down your hair and put on a wig cap. Most often, it’s a stocking cap glued to the head, so it stays in place under the wig.

 With a fake scalp, you won’t need a wig cap or even to cornrow or braid down your hair.

The face scalp comes sewn into the wig with hair clips/combs and/or adjustable elastic bands to firmly hold the wig in place. Most women love these fake scalp wigs because they give the illusion of your real scalp and you don’t need to do as much prep with your own hair. And you won’t need to worry about your wig cap shifting and ruining the illusion of a natural hairline.

 3.Plucked Hairline

A plucked hairline means your wig looks like your natural hair in terms of density. The front is a little thinner, and then it gets thicker as it goes back.

Now, what some companies do is put less hair to the front and unfortunately, because it’s machine-made, you can clearly see where the denser hair starts.

With the plucked method, it flows more naturally from the hairline.

4.Bleached Knots

Bleaching the knots on the hairline of a wig is a process to make it seem like the hair is growing directly from the scalp. It involves the use of chemicals products to make the knots a few shades lighter and more natural-looking.

Unbleached knots or lightly bleached knots look like small dots on the lace of your wig. And it’s very noticeable when you’re in company that you’re wearing a wig. So, your wig hairline does not look natural.

This is the fourth key element of creating a natural hairline wig. And when you’ve got it right, you have yourself a natural hairline wig.

Getting wigs for Black women just right

Many wig companies sell unprocessed wigs. This means they leave it up to the customers to bleach and pluck the hairline. That’s a lot of work, especially if you’re not skilled or just don’t have the time to get into all this.

And if you don’t know how to wear a wig cap properly when melting in your lace front wig, that’s another headache right there.

So, what happens if your wig doesn’t meet these 4 criteria?

If your wig company doesn’t sell wigs that meet these 4 key areas, then sorry hun, your wig will not look as natural as those lovely YouTube ladies.

So, what are your options?

Yes, that’s right. We’ve taken all four of these headaches off your lap for a wig that’s ready to wear right out the box.

So, why do we consider this wig one of the best on the market to get you that oh so gorgeous natural-looking hairline?

The product

We use the very best lace material there is – HD Swiss lace. Not regular Swiss lace. But High-Definition Swiss lace.

Now, if you’ve been researching the best type of wig lace like we did when we started designing wigs, you’ll know that HD Swiss lace is one of the best wig laces for:

Softness and breathability  

A virtually undetectable look – it’s that good

This HD Swiss lace will change your life, sis.

The process

We undertook a very detailed wig making process to ensure the lace doesn’t go to waste.

Here’s what we did. We:

Manually tied the hair with a natural density transition on the hairline area to make it as natural as possible.

With machine sewn hairlines, they are often too thick and require that you pluck the hairline before you can wear it.

Clean bleached the hairline

Bleaching knots is not for the unskilled. And even skilled wig wearers can mess this up too.

Manually sewed on a fake scalp

It’s a bit more work but the results make all the difference for having the fake scalp sewn in just right.

Your Ulashwig HD lace wig is gonna come pre-plucked, bleached, and ready to melt. Simply set your wig, remove excess lace, and enjoy the most natural-looking wig hairline ever.

So, ready for your most natural hairline wig ever?

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