The Easy, Beginner-Friendly Method to Install a Lace Front Wig without Glue (or sew-in) – Perfectly

The Easy, Beginner-Friendly Method to Install a Lace Front Wig without Glue (or sew-in) – Perfectly

Want to know how you can get your wig to look laid and fab without any glue? Because we want to save time and save your edges, here’s how to install a lace front wig with no glue – perfectly. This our natural and realistic beginner-friendly wig application using a Ulash lace front wig.

Now, if you’re saying to yourself, why would I want to wear a wig without glue? I’m just picturing my wig flying off in public. So, isn’t that a bit dangerous?

Here are a few reasons our customers love wearing lace front wigs without glue:

  • You know that feeling you get when you can get home and just unsnap your bra? Yeah? Being able to just as easily take off your wig at the end of a day is just so freeing.
  • Some of us just have an adverse reaction to hair glue, no matter how 100% skin-friendly they are.
  • We want to save our edges.
  • We just hate glue.
  • We have no idea how to use glue.

For this method, you’re going to need a glueless wig for this process, meaning that it comes with built-in clips and adjustable straps.

We’re not going to get into how to bleach the knots or pluck your wig hairline to get that natural look. After all, you know your Ulashwig already comes bleached and plucked for that awesomely natural look.

So, onto our steps.

But first – what will you need to install your wig without glue:

  • Scissors
  • Tail comb
  • Blow dryer
  • Holding hair spray
  • Foaming lotion/mousse
  • Your Ulashlace front wig


5 Step Process on how to install a glueless lace front wig

1. Get your wig on right

Get your wig out and position it properly for your head. You can use the adjustable elastic straps and the combs in the back and front of the wig to hold the wig in place.  

Because you won’t be using glue, the wig straps come in handy to keep the fit snug, and the combs allow you to get it extra close fit.

(You can use this method wearing a bald cap or wig cap – even no cap at all. And it can be worn without braiding your hair).

2. Cut off the excess lace

Make sure that your wig lines up with your hairline. Then, remove the excess lace in the front and back. Cut the sides of the frontal to match hairline, cut ear tabs to fit hairline. Try not to cut it too high or too low.

3. Lay the edge of your wig

Spray hair around the perimeter of your hairline and rub in with hair comb. (You can spray it in the same spots that you would put your hair glue.)

Apply your favorite foaming lotion and mouse to help the front lay down.

Use a blow dryer to dry the edges where you have the hair spray.

(Pro tip: If you comb the hair while laying it down, with the hair spray, it prevents the hair from sticking to the spray underneath.)

5. Tie a scarf around your edges

Tie a scarf around the edge of your head to hold the wig in place while the hair spray/lotion dries a bit. Ten minutes is often long enough.

Remove your scarf and voila – your wig is laid, snug and in place.

Bonus step: Get a bit extra

This part is entirely optional. If you want to get a bit extra, you can …

… blend in your edges with your foundation

… add a bit of foundation to the part if that’s a style you’re wearing.

So, now you know – the easy, no-fuss way how to secure a full lace front wig without glue.

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