Cape Size Guide

How do I pick the right cap size?

See below for an easy guide to measuring successfully!

Note: Before measuring, please make sure your natural hair is as flat as possible. Then, compare your measurements with the size chart, and pick the big one if any of your measurements are in between.

Measure Steps

Circumference: Measure around the head. Wrap a tape measure around the edge along the hairline from the forehead to the nape.

Front to nape: Measure from the hairline at the center of forehead directly from the top of head to the center of hairline at the nape.

Ear to ear forehead: Measure the length from ear to ear at the same point along the hairline.

Ear to ear over top: Measure from the hairline above the ear to another ear across the top of the head.

Temple to temple around back: Measure the length from temple to temple across the back of head.

Nape of neck: Measure the length of hairline across the nape of neck.



Furthermore, no need to worry if you get the wrong cap size, Ulashwig will offer free return service to support your risk-free purchasing. If need further instructions, please reach out to our customer support team: