Can You Put Your Wig In The Dryer?

Can You Put Your Wig In The Dryer?

No, if possible, you had better never dry your wig in a clothes dryer. After all, wigs, even though heat-friendly wigs, can not withstand heat or a lot of friction in the process of drying. And putting your wig in a dryer may burn and melt the hair fibers, cause a lot of tangles, and even leave your wig in an unmanageable condition.

Why Should You Avoid Putting Your Wig In The Clothes Dryer?

As the above mentioned, you had better not put your wigs in a clothes dryer to allow it dry. Then we will tell you the reason why you should avoid putting your wig in the clothes dryer.

1. Friction

As we all know, when dryers spin and move your wigs or hair bundles around at a fast speed, it will create a lot of friction. In this case, this friction will make your wigs become very tangled and matted. What is more terrible, unless you tear and trim the hair, these knots will be almost impossible to remove. Whether your wig is human hair or synthetic, it’ll be damaged by too much friction. Friction can deteriorate the fibers of your human hair wigs or synthetic wigs and cause a loss of hair over time. It could also lead to split ends, frizz, and dryness. What painful it is!

2. Heat

The heat that is generated in a clothes dryer will severely damage your wig. After all, wigs, even human hair and heat-friendly wigs, are not made to withstand heat. The excess heat will melt or burn the fibers of human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. The heat will also misshape the wig cap or bonds! In order to protect your delicate lace front wigs from irreversible damage, we strongly advise you to avoid drying your wig in your clothes dryer at all costs.

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