Does Wearing A Wig Prevent Hair Growth?

Does Wearing A Wig Prevent Hair Growth?

The answer is No, wearing a wig actually doesn’t prevent hair growth. But if your natural hair underneath the wig is not taken good care of, wearing a wig may damage your natural hair and influence the growth of your natural hair. Don’t be afraid, we have pulled together some tips about how to protect natural hair under a wig. 

Do Wearing A Wig Help Your Hair Grow?

In fact, wigs can be a protective style for natural hair, thus helping you grow long, thick, and healthy hair. We know whether straighteners, curling irons, or blow-dryers, any of these cause excessive damage to your natural hair. Instead, wearing a wig can give you a quick and fun look, even without the exposure to heat harming your natural hair.

Besides,human hair wigs can protect your hair from extreme weather conditions, for instance, sunlight, rain, wind, etc.

Plus, if you are suffering from hair loss or bald spots, the added protection of a wig can help your hair to grow out.

More importantly, with a lace front wig human hair, you can own a natural appearance easily even though you are still waiting for your natural hair to grow out.


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