How to take care straight hair

How to take care straight hair

Do you have straight hair? But your straight hair is so dry as hay. You admire others' smooth and silky hair but only find it is not easy for yourself to care for straight hair. If so, you can follow me to read the next content.

Here are some care tips for regular straight hair. 

1. Comb your hair and try to make your hair straight before washing your hair.

2. Wash your hair thoroughly.

3. Pour a quarter-size shampoo into your hand and rub your hands with your hands. Apply shampoo to your hair, scrub your scalp with your fingertips, and be careful not to make your hair too much (for example, pile your hair on top of your head).Hair should not be washed every day.Twice a week if you can.If your hair is oily, try not to scrub the scalp.This may lead to excessive production of oil.

4. Smooth your hair. A good conditioner helps keep your hair healthy and it is easier to clean after washing.If you have dry hair, you need to use a moisturizing conditioner. However, if your hair is oily, you should use a basic conditioner at your end to prevent overuse.

5. Use a wide-toothed comb to comb your hair before taking a shower, then wash off the conditioner.

6. Thoroughly clean the conditioner; be careful not to snarl both ends.

7. Dry your hair with a towel and comb your hair again.

8. Get hair stylist to trim your hair every four to six weeks to eliminate split ends.Straight hair is probably the most divisive hair and should be treated gently.

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