The reason why your hair is dry

The reason why your hair is dry

Have you asked yourself, "why your hair is so dry?" Actually, you are not alone. After all, dry hair is one of the most common hair complaints about women, no matter their length or texture. In this article, we will go through the most common causes of dry hair and what can you do to fix dry hair.

First of all, we take a look at some of the environmental conditions that can cause dry hair including:

1. a dry, hot climate;

2. frequent exposure to the sun and wind;

3. frequent exposure to chlorinated or salty water;

Hair care habits that often contribute to dry hair include:

1. wash your hair too often;

2. use harsh shampoos, conditioners, or styling products;

3. frequently dye or chemically treat your hair;

4. blow-dry your hair too often;

5. often use curling irons, straighteners, or curlers to style hair;

6. Overbrush;

In some cases, dry hair is the result of an underlying health problem. Examples include:

1. anorexia nervosa: an eating disorder that can lead to malnutrition, cause dry and brittle hair, along with more serious complications.

2. hypoparathyroidism or hypothyroidism;

3. Menkes syndrome;

Keep in mind that if dry hair is left untreated, your hair will become brittle, causing it to break or fray easily. And most cases of dry hair can be effectively treated with simple home remedies.

If your dry hair persists after these home remedies, make an appointment with your doctor to ask them to help you pinpoint the cause of your dry hair and recommend treatments.

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