Top 3 best selling bundles

Top 3 best selling bundles

1. Brazilian Body Wave Hair Bundles

This has been the reigning champion for years! The Brazilian body wave hair bundles have actually been the No.1 seller for 24 months. This is the most popular hair pattern on the market.

If you are looking to stock hair bundles then the Body Wave pattern should be a focus. It's a versatile pattern that can easily be straightened, cut and styled.

2. Indian Silky Straight Hair Bundles

Straight hair will never go out of style. Either will offering Indian silky Straight hair bundles in your salon or online stores. When has straight hair not been popular? There are so many ways to cut and style. The“Bob Style” over the past few years is always hot . 

The most popular lengths of the straight hair are various because of all the different straight hairstyles woman are wearing. Most customers want the shorter lengths 12"-18″ while others may want long lengths 24″ and up! I like long lengths cause it looks like very gorgeous. That's many stars' favorite choice. How do you think of it?

3. Brazilian Deep Curly Hair Bundles

Then should be Curly hair! It looks like a little amazing but some younger girls wear it will be very lovely. The Brazilian Deep Curly hair bundles have a beautiful tight pattern that is great for a woman wanting a more natural look.

Also, the Deep Curly style is really popular for creating wigs. Make sure you are considering the Curly textures as a product offering because they are selling like crazy!

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