What Do You Do If Your Wig Is Too Small?

What Do You Do If Your Wig Is Too Small?

Step One

First of all, you can put the lace wig on comfortably and use an elastic band to measure how much extra room you will need. Then use a pair of scissors to cut off the elastic band according to your need.

Step Two

Take off the lace front wig and flip the wig completely inside out. Focus your attention on the base of your wig where there should be elastic bands.

Step Three

Put the elastic band that is on the wig as far out as you can and then use a clip or pin to secure it and be sure that it doesn’t snap back on your head. Once the elastic band is set, you can cut the ending hook piece off. Don’t forget to be sure to leave a little room and not cut too close to the hook since you need the piece to be usable. Once your cutting is done, it is time to create those extensions for a wider cap.

Step Four

Make sure that your extra elastic band piece matches the thickness of the elastic band on the wig.

Step Five

Sew the elastic band like a bridge slowly onto the band that connects the wig. In the process of sewing, keep in mind that double and triple knot the thread so this band remains strong and usable. When you sew the first end on, just give it a little tug to be sure that is sewn on and it is secure.

Step Six

Sew the wig hook that we cut off earlier onto the other end of this newly added elastic band. Until each end is sewn on, it would be better to pull test go ahead and remove the clip or pin that was holding the band, and gently stretch the wig out so that the elastic band can move into the sleeve. Then you will clearly see how much extra room was added by adding that elastic band.

Step Seven

The next step is to repeat these same steps with the elastic on the other side. At last, the adjustable strap would be longer than the previous one, to some extent could make the wig looser.

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