How to Put on A Ulash Lace Wig in 4 Steps?

How to Put on A Ulash Lace Wig in 4 Steps?

Like many other things in the fashion industry, wigs have gone through hell and are back with a bang. Today, hairpieces play a crucial role in our personality and can make or mar your mood, appearance, and day. So from the day of poorly made wigs to wigs that took forever to stay in position, Ulashwig is changing hair stress into hair sexy. Now you do not need glue threads, hooks, or more to get your wig in place. Might we add that you also do not need the hassle to get a banging hairpiece that will enhance your personality in a Ulash lace wig

The Ulash Lace Wig

If you are among the hundreds of women who still wear their wigs with glue, then you need to swap to the Ulash 4-in- 1 lace wig right now.

This wig will enable you to get the perfect look, flat, and fabulous with the flawless edges. This natural and seamless application will have you doubting and your friends green with envy.

Hey, if you are thinking won’t my wig fly off in the wings or shift out of place, you are wrong. Ulashwig has taken care of all the little issues that bother women and their wigs. Today, we present one wig that blends beautifully into your life and routine.

What makes the Ulash 4-in-1 lace wig so different?

We will love to give you a million reasons to love this wig, but here are four why you should order your today.

The piano key elastic band gives the most range to adjust. 

You know that feeling you get to consistently adjust your wig because you feel in slipping away from the position. Well, all that is a thing of the past with the hair cap elastic band. The piano- elastic band allows you to fit the wig in place but also keeps it in position. Oh, did we remind you that you do not need any type of adhesive, and our 4-in-1 lace wig is skin-friendly?

Pre-plucked hair makes the hairline natural.

 As wigs became a part of our daily accessory, it needed to look and feel natural on our heads. One of the biggest problems was not having a natural hairline. Practice made perfect for some people, but for some more plucking, the edges of your wig were a tedious and not-so-fun process. Well, the Ulash 4-in-1 lace wig comes with a pre-plucked hairline, so you do not have to do it yourself.

Ulashwig clean bleached hairline

Ulash wigs come with an already clean bleached hairline to enhance the naturalness of your wig. All clean bleached wigs are done in a temperature-controlled environment using only the best chemicals by professionals. You will never need to do any additional treatment when you purchase our wig.

Premade Invisi-scalp, no wig cap needed.

Save money from buying wig caps to wear your wig cap. The Ulash wig comes with an invisible cap based that deserves no wig cap.

How to put on your Ulash lace wig?

Step 1 – Braid your hair or make a ponytail.

 Before rocking your Ulash wig, it is advisable to shampoo and condition your hair first. Dry it out and make it into a ponytail or and smoothen the hair to be neat and sleek. You can make cornrows but do not make the braids too big, or the wig will not look flat and sexy on you.

Step 2: Put on the Ulash wig

Usually, we will say, put on your wig cap, adjust it, place the wig, and all that. The Ulash 4-in-1 lace wig comes with an invisible wig cap sewn in. so you can elegantly omit this part and place the wig on your clean braided or ponytail hair.

When you have placed it correctly on your head, trim off the excess lace using a zig-zag motion. This pattern of cutting ensures you do not cut off more than required, and you can always go back and perfect the lace after you are done with your hair.

Step 3: Use some glue or spray if you need it

If you are new to the Ulashwig products, you may not trust the adhesive nature of our piano key elastic band. So we will allow you to add a spray or glue until you get used to our product. However, we guarantee that you do not need any adhesive with the Ulash 4-in-1 lace wig.

Step 4: put some concealer or contour powder on

If you purchase the right color, you will not need concealer or contour powder .

But if the scalp color doesn't match your skin perfectly, you could apply a little bit of concealer on the partline to make the lace color perfect match your skin.  Sometimes, the glue (if you applied) will look a bit of shiny. We recommend using some contour powder to reduce the shiny look. After completing these simple 4 steps, you are ready to go and take over the world. 

Benefits of the Ulash wig

 There are a lot of benefits attached to using the Ulash hair products, but here are four advantages of using the Ulash 4-in-1 lace wig.

  • No need to waste time on pluck hair –Ulash wigs come already plucked edges to enhance the naturalness of the wig. It means you

wear the wig, comb it, and you are out of the door. 

Save enough time on bleaching your knots – our wigs are finished when they get to you, including the knots. Ulash wigs are clean bleached knots that save you bleaching time, especially for beginners

  • Ability to remove the elastic band - Our hair capband is adjustable to fit the size of your head and keep the wig in place. However, if the elastic band is too tight or uncomfortable, they are also removable to give you some relief.
  • No wig cap - We had to say again. It feels so good to wear a wig without all the extra stress on your head – no wig cap. The Ulashwig feels light on your head and allows your hair to breathe too.


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