How to measure a 16 inch wig

How to measure a 16 inch wig

A 16-inch straight hair wig (40-centimeter wig) can reach down to the shoulder and over the chest. This is a length that you can have a neat and clean medium-length hairstyle.

The length of a textured 16-inch wig is shoulder-length, the wig can extend to the shoulder. So a curly 16 inch wig is a great way to experience a medium-length wig.

The right method to know the length of a wig is to measure from the root around the crowns to the end of the hair.

And you should stretch the wig if you have a 16-inch curly wig or 16-inch body wave wig. Because a 16-inch wig with textures, such as curly, and wavy look, can be shorter than a 16-inch silky straight wig. Many beginners would get confused by the wig length after receiving their selected wig, and, normally, a wig with curls has a shorter length than a straight hair wig.

How To Choose The Best Wig Length?

1. Consider Your Result Look

If you want length, volume, and versatility in styles, a longer length is a better choice. 16-inch wig length is perfect to achieve a shoulder-length hairstyle and shorter ponytail style.

2. Consider Your Height

Avoid choosing a very long hair wig if you are a small-size girl. Otherwise, the wig can make you look shorter. And you can opt for a longer length if you are taller.

3. Know The Texture

As we mentioned above, same inch wig can result in different lengths due to the hair textures. So if you should consider the textures of the wig in your cart.


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