How To Achieve The Most Natural Wig Application

How To Achieve The Most Natural Wig Application

Achieving the most natural wig is a common concern among wig wearers or wig beginners who are purchasing for the first time. The issue could discourage wig lovers, particularly beginners - but have no fear! We'll be sharing 5 tips to help you become optimistic about wig installations and help you achieve a natural look!

Choosing the right cap size.The first thing to do is choose a cap construction of the right size that fits your head circumference, so it's important to measure your head - including ear to ear across the forehead and over the top, front to back, temple to temple around the back of the head, etc.

Flatten your actual hair.Before putting on a wig, make sure your natural hair underneath is as flat as possible. If the wig is supposed to look like your actual hair, your natural hair should then essentially be your scalp. The flatter your natural hair, the better the fit. One of the best ways to help blend the wig is twisting braids, as well as wearing nylon wig caps.

Blend the fake scalp color using concealer.

Lightly dab the concealer along the parting and hairline, buff it in with your fingers that will be close to your skin tone, and voila! It will look blended and seamless.

Pre-Plucked Hairline.

To get a natural unit, the hairline needs to be plucked. It could be customized to what you prefer. You can go in with a slant tipped tweezer and pull out the knots in different areas to make a natural density transition. That is how to get a realistic look. A pre-plucked wig could omit this trouble and avoid the risk of damaging wigs.

Clean Bleached Knots.

Cleaning the knots will look as if the wig is a part of your actual scalp, which is one of the vital steps for perfecting a natural install. Bleaching is a complex and tedious process - you have to make sure the amount of bleach and the timing is perfect, but there is no guarantee that you'll succeed. Maybe this is why people often say "good luck with bleaching your wig!" But don't worry, if you don't have the skills, purchasing a wig that already comes with bleached knots is your best bet.

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Ulashwigs come with clean bleached knots, pre-plucked hairline and pre-sewn fake scalp, which makes the installing process effortless and natural. Fitted Glueless Wigs - to achieve a super easy and quick install. Just three steps to finish a natural wig install:

-Adjust the elastic band.

-Wear the wig.

-Cut the lace along the hairline to your liking.

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