How to Take Care of a Human Hair Wig: in 5 Steps

How to Take Care of a Human Hair Wig: in 5 Steps

For girls who own human hair wigs, you definitely read this before you wash your wigs.

Things you need

  1. Wide-tooth comb
  2. Wig Shampoo & Conditioner
  3. Dry towel
  4. Hair dryer
  5. Wig stand

Step 1: Brush your wig

Brush your human hair wig gently and carefully with a wide-tooth comb to avoid hair damage caused by brushing hair. Try to not use a narrow-tooth comb which will tear the hair apart. Detangle your human hair wig from the bottom to the top of the hair.

Step 2: Wash your wig

  • Rising your wig by holding under cool water. Using one hand gently apply shampoo to the the hair.

-Don't twist or wring the hair while washing.

Step 3: Condition

  • Apply a coin or two(depends on the length of wig) of conditioner to the wig. (use a color protection conditioner for colored wigs)

Step 4: Dry

  • Place wig on a clean dry towel. Gently press towel to your wig and let towel absorb the remaining water on wig.


-Don’t put your wig on a wig stand when wig is still wet.

-Don’t blow-dry your wig with heat are mode

Step 5: Store

  • After your wig has dried, place it on a wig stand to avoid kinks or crimps


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